Yoga Classes

Private sessions can be any of these styles or can be tailored to address a specific concern or goal. Group classes will incorporate elements from the following styles:

  • Vinyasa | Vinyasa is a flow-based, dynamic yoga practice designed to cultivate presence by connecting movement with breath. Classes include a combination of centering and grounding to begin, sun salutations, standing and balance poses, hip openers, and pranayama (breath work).
  • Slow Flow | Slow Flow offers a slower-paced Vinyasa practice. Students have more time to integrate to their mats, flow breath to movement, and hold asanas (poses) for a number of breaths. This style is especially well-suited for beginners. Also referred to as Hatha or Gentle Yoga.
  • Restorative | Restorative is a practice focused on slowing down and resting with the total support of props. There is minimal movement in a restorative class, and most poses are floor-based. Props will be made available during class, and all are welcome to bring blocks, blankets, pillows, straps, and bolsters.
  • Yin | Yin is a slow and nourishing practice where students can expect deep stretching during long holds in poses designed to target the fascia and connective tissues infused with time for meditation and pranayama, guided yogic breathing. Yin may increase flexibility and range of motion while providing relaxation and energetic benefits.

Prenatal and Postpartum Classes are available as private sessions. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Expect to be supported and nurtured. Please consult with your doctor to confirm it is safe for you to practice.

  • 60 Minute Semi-Private Class | $20 Per Person
  • 60 Minute Private Session | $80
  • 75 Minute Private Session | $95